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In addition to taking actors headshots and actresses headshots, I also photograph child actors, presenters, dancers, theatre productions, musicians, film stills and fashion. You will find various portfolios which cover these areas including headshots and theatre productions. Also on the website there is a section that covers tips for helping you get the most out of your headshot shoot. If you wish to book a headshots session you can do so by booking online and if your prefer by calling. Also feel free to get in contact to ask any questions you may have about getting your headshots taken.
The deadline for actors and graduates to get new headshots into Spotlight is November 1.
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To obtain good headshots you have to be able to relax and feel comfortable with your photographer. This is one of Stuart Allen's main goals as well as getting a natural look and feel to your images. The best way to do this is with natural light headshots. If done wrong the results can be harsh but if handled correctly the images will look great. Natural, relaxed and importantly, photographs that look like you.


  • Many thanks Stuart, these look great. All the best.
    Victoria Karushi Management Ltd
  • Just to let you know, I love the pictures they are great.
    Kerry Howard Actress


Spotlight is the heart of the UK casting industry. Over 60,000 performers appear in it. It's the best way to showcase yourself as a performer for professional film, television, stage and commercials. Do not miss out by not being in it.

Actresses deadline - May 1
Dancers deadline - June 15
Presenters deadline - July 1
Actors deadline - November 1
Graduates deadline - November 1
Children deadline - November 15


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