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Spotlight is the heart of the UK casting industry. Over 60,000 performers appear in it. It's the best way to showcase yourself as a performer for professional film, television, stage and commercials.

Spotlight is used by most television, film, theatre and radio companies in the UK and many worldwide. Clients range from large broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky through to small production companies and individual casting directors.

Do not miss out by not being in it.

Renewal Deadlines

Actresses deadline - May 1
Dancers deadline - June 15
Presenters deadline - July 1
Actors deadline - November 1
Graduates deadline - November 1
Children deadline - November 15

If you think you are going to the deadline the best thing to do is let them know as they will extend your deadline for your new headshot.


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